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If you think that women have more options when it comes to shoes, then you need to learn a lot as men also have many options in the footwear category. Wearing the right shoe can change your whole personality, wearing the shoe is not enough but wearing the right shoe with the right outfit changes your overall look. If you are not aware of what type of shoe you need, then read here.

Sneakers men's shoes: When it comes to wearing something comfortable and secure in your feet, then only one name occurs in mind, and that is sneakers. It is a pair of shoe you must own in your closet. When in doubt which pair of footwear to wear always goes with sneakers? Get a pair of classic white sneaker.

Oxfords men's shoes: Oxfords are the best pair of shoe you can wear with formal sets. The shoes are trendy among the professional and can be wear at work and other formal occasions like wedding, and interviews. Pick a pair of Oxfords either in black or brown colour as these are the two most-liked colours.

Loafers or Slip Ons men's shoes: Loafers are the timeless shoes that can wear with formal casual or any other set of clothing. This pair of footwear has no laces hence comfortable to wear. These come in different styles, including penny and tassel loafers. There is a wide range of loafers in the market, including leather ones, so you have lots of options available in this type of shoes.

Espadrilles men's shoes: Buy a pair of espadrilles shoe for your summer outing and casual look. It is one of the oldest types if the shoe that is quite inexpensive and deserves to be in your shoe closet. The boots are not only comfortable but also look stylish no matter what you pair them. You can wear them with shorts, trousers and even with jeans.

Training or Running men's shoes: Yeah, you love to work out and to do it without getting your feet hurt you need a good pair of running or training shoes. It would help if you had them every morning or evening while going out to work out to the gym or running. So invest in a good pair of running shoe is a smart decision. A good sports shoes give a balance and right support to your feet and save them from any injury. There are lots of options in sport's shoes in the market that you can buy.

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